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14th Annual DC ACEP Chapter LLSA Review Conference
Monday, May 17, 2021

Due to COVID, the DC ACEP Chapter will again host the LLSA Review Conference virtually via Zoom. The conference is FREE for DC ACEP Chapter members and for MD/VA ACEP Chapter members. If you are not a member of ACEP there is a minimal cost for you to attend the conference. The conference will be held from approximately 7:30AM EST to 12:00 PM EST.

The Zoom details to connect on the day of the conference will be provided to you via email after you have registered & processed your payment online (if applicable).

Is CME offered? 
The DC ACEP Chapter does not offer CME for the review conference. However, ABEM itself is offering 15 CME credits for activities related to taking the LLSA exam starting with the 2011 exam, but you have to register (and pay $30 more) for CME prior to taking the LLSA exam. This is particularly important since ABEM now requires reporting 25 CME credits annually, 8-eight of which must be self-assessment activities (conveniently the LLSA satisfies this for each LLSA).

What is the LLSA?
The Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (LLSA) is part of the Emergency Medicine Continuous Certification (EMCC) program from the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM). Every year ABEM posts an online exam covering a section of The Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine. The exam is based upon a reading list of 10-20 articles, policy papers, or book chapters. To maintain eligibility for re-certification in 10-years, every board-certified EM physician is required to pass 8-eight of the LLSA online exams. Each exam must be taken within 3-years of posting, and collaboration for article review and examination is encouraged. More information can be found on the ABEM website.

Where are the Reading Lists?
The reading lists for 2021 can be found on the ABEM website or here. Where available, ABEM has provided direct links to the articles from the publisher’s websites. If you are an ACEP member, they also provide direct links to ALL of the articles from their LLSA Resource Center or available below as PDFs. Keep in mind that you may have access to articles through your respective university affiliations if you access the publisher’s website from a work computer. If you are having trouble finding a particular article, please contact the DC ACEP Chapter here.

How Do I Take the Online Exams?
You should already have an ABEM account after registering for the Written and Oral Board Exams. Below are the quick instructions:

1. Log in to your Personal Page from the Main Page
2. Select EMCC Online
3. Select Register or Take a Test

Please don’t forget to sign up before the LLSA Review Conference that will be held on May 17th to do the exam in real time.